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GenStrip™ test strips work with the OneTouch® Ultra® meter you already own

  • Works with the meter you already own and trust

  • There is no need to switch meters, and there is zero sacrifice on quality

  • Same sample size and same fast results you have come to expect

  • In Vitro diagnostic. For self testing.

With GenStrip™, you can afford to test throughout the day without worrying about cost

  • Available in quantities of 50 test strips

  • Priced significantly lower than OneTouch® Ultra® brand test strips

  • Available at most retailers and pharmacies

  • Widely affordable

  • Covered by Medicare Parts B & D


Good for your Customer = Good for your Business

  • Your customers deserve affordable choices in order to promote a healthier lifestyle

  • Low cost, alternative to OneTouch® Ultra® brand strips means your customers can test more often on the meter they trust most

  • Scientific studies prove GenStrip™ give the same reliable results as OneTouch® Ultra® strips.

  • Give your diabetic customers the ability to test throughout the day without worrying about cost

Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Name-Brand Strips

  • At over $1 per name-brand strip, testing regularly is not an option for low income diabetics

  • GenStrip™ comes in quantities of 50 test strips, at less than half the cost of OneTouch® Ultra® brand strips

  • No sacrifice to quality or reliability for uninsured or underinsured diabetics

  • Having affordable options ensures every diabetic customer is getting the care they deserve


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Be Healthy

Test Often


Frequent and accurate testing of blood glucose is crucial to maintaining safe blood sugar levels. Ideally, most diabetics should be able to test as often as they think it is necessary, usually 3-8 times per day. Unfortunately, high costs of testing supplies and health insurance puts regular monitoring out of reach for many diabetics. Even "insured" diabetics are only covered for 1-3 strips per day.

Shasta’s GenStrip™ Blood Glucose Test Strips make blood glucose testing convenient, dependable and more affordable for anyone living with diabetes. This new diagnostic product works with the OneTouch® Ultra® family of meters, but at less than half the cost.


You have enough to worry about, the cost of diabetic testing supplies shouldn’t be one of them.

  • The convenience of low cost helps in managing diabetes

  • Small blood sample required means less pain

  • Frequent, accurate testing leads to better results and better informed lifestyle decisions

  • Affordability of test strips means you can worry less about money and concentrate about what’s more important -- your health

GenStrip for sale at a pharmacy near you

PharmaTech Solutions Inc. the exclusive sales and service agent for GenStrip™ is proud to announce H&H Wholesale Services, Inc. as the preferred and endorsed distributor of GenStrip™ through Amazon.com. This will help ensure national consumer awareness of our high-quality and value-based product.

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